Meet your 2019 Tour Group!

We are very excited to introduce the successful applicants for the 2019 Study Tour.

The tour will travel through dairy regions of the New Zealand South Island, visiting diverse farming systems, research and development bodies and farmer representative groups such as the Federated Farmers of New Zealand as well as other key industry groups.

The tour will be led by UDV Policy Councillor for Corangamite, Lauren Peterson, who operates a family farm in Naroghid. The selected participants were those that best showed they were actively thinking about ways they can improve their industry, looking for ways to help their fellow farmers, or finding ways to communicate their knowledge.

Congratulations to our group of aspiring young dairy leaders!

photo collage wordpress

You can read more about the group in the December edition of Hotline at, and join us back here at in the the first week of February 2019 to follow the adventure!

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