Congratulations to the 2018 Tour group!

UDV are pleased to announce the tour group for the Gardiner funded 2018 New Zealand Study Tour.

Gardiner UDV VFF Joint logo• Ashlee Bloxidge, Nar Nar Goon
• Craig Emmett, Stanhope
• Elsi Neave, Pirron Yallock
• Elspeth Field, Tinamba
• Katherine Byrne, Ellinbank
• Rhiannon Parry, North Wonthaggi
• Sharnie Johnson, Nambrok

Starting from February 18, the group will tour the South Island of New Zealand exploring farming systems, industry structures and discussing dairy with the locals.

We are looking forward to getting started and learning everything we can from the New Zealand dairy industry with the group.

We’re also looking forward to introducing the 2018 tour group, which we will be doing on our Facebook over the next week. You can also read more about the participants in the December issue of the UDV Hotline here:

You can follow along during the tour starting February 18 right here!

Congratulations to our tour group for 2018!

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