Day 1: Introductions to New Zealand

The 2017 Gardiner Dairy Foundation – UDV New Zealand Study Tour Participants met for the first time at Tullamarine this morning ready to fly across the Tasman together. The 2017 Tour group consists of six Tour Participants:

  1. Alistair Harris, South West Vic
  2. Denise Jones, Gippsland
  3. Evan Campbell, Gippsland
  4. Janelle Fisher, South West Vic
  5. Lauren Peterson, South West Vic
  6. Nick Minogue, Northern Vic

and three Tour Leaders:

  1. Oonagh Kilpatrick, UDV Policy Councillor & Dairy Farmer
  2. Tony Seymour, NCDE
  3. Ashlee Hammond, UDV Project & Policy Officer
unnamed (1).jpg

2017 Gardiner – UDV NZ Study Tour Group (left to right): Oonagh Kilpatrick, Alistair Harris, Ashlee Hammond, Evan Campbell, Janelle Fisher, Nick Minogue, Lauren Peterson, Denise Jones & Tony Seymour. 


Similar to last year, the group were amazed to see the going rate of milk powder (not even infant formula) at the airport was $98 AUD for 4.5kg (although they showed their amazement in a different manner this year).

The flight across did not disappoint with some fantastic views of snow capped mountains (in the middle of Summer) and crop circles from center-pivot irrigation scattered across the countryside.


Amazing views of the snow capped mountains across New Zealand’s South Island.

Tour participants were also quick to note that what is typically known as a ‘New Zealand’ fruit was being imported from Italy in local supermarkets.

unnamed (3).jpg

Tour participants tomorrow will get to visit some New Zealand dairy farms and experience some local culture, the 6th of February being a National Public Holiday – Waitangi Day. 


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