Goodbye NZ!

Our last day in Queenstown was kicked off with the group completing their National Center for Dairy Education questions for the study requirement component of the trip, which was a great way to discuss and evaluate what we had learnt on the trip (even if it wasn’t fully appreciated first thing in the morning!)


The group working through their questions with NCDE rep, Leanne Bunn.

Our last day still involved some exciting activities too though, with the group travelling by Gondola up the mountain to enjoy both the views and a few races around the Luge track!


Alec Young & Matt Glennen on the chair to the top of the luge track with a pretty decent view of Queenstown!

After that though, it was goodbye to New Zealand. We have had an absolutely amazing time and learnt a remarkable amount to bring back to our local communities and the dairy industry in Victoria.


Tour Crew 2016.

A big thank you goes to the Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation for funding the UDV New Zealand Study Tour. It is truly a fantastic experience and the entire group are extremely appreciative for the opportunity. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime and further developed leadership and teamwork skills, along with broader industry knowledge to help our industry.

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