Day 7: Winding down in Queenstown

Day seven began with a glorious sunny morning in Queenstown. A nice and early start at the NZ Rural Games. First up was the hand speed milking championships. Most of the group tried their hand to take the trophy, although it was a luck of the draw if you got the good cow or the one that wouldn’t milk.


A great job by Jason who represented the Victorian dairy industry well by coming in third with 650ml in 60 seconds!


The group played their hand at wine barrel racing and cherry spitting but probably needed a bit more practice to match the pros who took the championships in these events. The winner of the cherry spitting travelled all the way from Australia for the competition and said the secret was having a dry mouth. We also saw some incredibly impressive tree climbing and speed fencing.


Next up was a thrilling ride on the Shotover jet boats and free time to explore sunny Queenstown.

We were joined for dinner by Victorian dairy industry leader and former UDV policy councillor, Max Jelbart, and his three sons Tim, Will and George. All coincidently have been travelling a very similar path for the last eight days on their own study tour and holiday. It was a lovely evening and great to discuss what we had seen and learnt on the trip.


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