Day eight: Goodbye New Zealand

Our final day in New Zealand and a time for recreation, group bonding and reflection. A breathtaking skywalk at Auckland’s Sky Tower had a few of us facing our fears from great heights. Followed by discussions over lunch looking back over the week’s learnings.


Very insightful tour to the New Zealand dairy industry. The co-scholars provided great dynamics and enriched the experience.

The learnings from the tour were as much from the group as it was the farmers. An amazing opportunity for learning from a nation that knows dairy.

The tour group was full of as much knowledge as the farms we visited. Learning the stepping stones and the well planned out pathways into the industry were a great help to my future.

The tour was a very insightful view of the industry, covering a broad spectrum of farms and industry. Have learnt a lot over the duration of the tour and it has been really great.

The interaction with the other participants, feeding off each other’s questions made the learning more diverse. The friendships made will be the most important part of the trip.


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